Briant Smith

Briant: Chaplain and Spiritual Guide to the Broads

As chaplain to the Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk, appointed by the East Anglia District of the Methodist Church, Briant has the wonderful task of meeting with people who work in the area as well as those who come to visit the Broads for recreation.


He is here to listen, encourage and to act where appropriate as a link between individuals, businesses and organisations who have a common interest in this exceptional environment. It is a part of the British Isles which has a special place in the hearts, minds and souls of many people, and a reputation that spreads far beyond the rivers and "broad waters" which together form this unique wetland.

Spiritual Guide

Ted Ellis, the great Norfolk naturalist and lover of the Broads, described the area as, "a breathing space for the cure of souls." As a spiritual guide to the Broads, Briant will encourage locals and visitors alike to consider the nature of soul is it something small and hidden deep inside us, or something that surrounds each one of us and which has the potential to grow and develop without restriction?

Through the space, natural beauty, interaction of water, sky, flora and fauna we are given the opportunity to engage with deeper feelings, and with that being, who many know as God. Spirituality is about our engaging with that Being.

Briant can be found around the Broads network - if you see him, please feel free to stop him, say "hello", and have a chat